Arçelik Corporate Solutions offers professional and trustworthy solutions with world-class technologies to projects of all sizes ranging from air conditioning, lighting, energy, displays to built-in kitchen appliances solutions.

What we do?

Air Conditioning Solutions

Arçelik Corporate Solutions offers you special air-conditioning solutions by combining the most efficient and sustainable air-conditioning systems for projects such as ventilation, heating, cooling and hot water with the features such as easy installation and flexible design capability.

Display Solutions

Arçelik Corporate Solutions offers videowall and display solutions that can send different content to different target audiences through digital signage. We produce imaging solutions tailored to the needs of projects with high technology and perfect image quality.

Energy Solutions

Arçelik Corporate Solutions offers environment-friendly, long-lasting and lucrative energy solutions for projects of all sizes in the Photovoltaic Solar Energy sector from residences, shopping malls, production facilities to business centers and hotels.

Built-in And Kitchen Solutions

Arçelik Corporate Solutions offers unique, high quality built-in and kitchen solutions that cater to different tastes, having special aesthetic and functional designs, with Cucina Mia kitchen furniture and Leisure built-in brands.

Lighting Solutions

Arçelik Corporate Solutions realizes highly efficient, environmentally friendly, long-lasting lighting solutions to provide maximum efficiency according to the needs of indoor and outdoor projects.

White Goods Solutions

Your projects gain value with Leisure built-in products and Cucina Mia kitchen furniture solutions.

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