Arçelik Corporate Solutions realizes highly efficient, environmentally friendly, long-lasting lighting solutions to provide maximum efficiency according to the needs of indoor and outdoor projects.


We continue our activities with our ‘Grundig’ Brand in lighting.

Grundig started out with Arçelik with the idea of taking the lighting investment movement initiated by Arçelik in 2012 one step further, and since 2016, Grundig has been continuing its activities in full swing.

Our products have ENEC, TSE and CB certificates.

Grundig Products

Spot Lighting Fixtures

Office Lighting Fixtures

Street and Highway Lighting Fixtures

High Ceiling Lighting Fixtures

Linear Lighting Fixtures

BJK Vodafone Park Stadium

Vodafone Park Stadium became the best illuminated stadium in Europe with Arçelik project solutions,. A uniform and clear appearance was obtained with a uniformity of 80%. High efficiency and long-lasting use were provided with LED in indoor lighting.

Horizontal - Vertical 3,500 LUX

Flicker Free

Fifa Class 5

Sunlight Spectrum

Stretching Roof

Uniformity %77

Future Video Technologies


Arçelik Corporate Solutions offers environment-friendly, long-lasting and lucrative energy solutions for projects of all sizes in the Photovoltaic Solar Energy sector from residences, shopping malls, production facilities to business centers and hotels.

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